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Paul Orso Life, Music, & Battle with ALS

Paul Orso was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He has a long love of music – at age 14, after being taught guitar by his brother, he began writing songs, which was a natural progression from the poetry he had been writing.

He met his wife Kathy in high school and wrote her several tunes, which inspired many songs about their love. They were married in 1978 in their home town and still reside there. Paul and Kathy’s dreams were centered around work and family and they were blessed with three beautiful children and successful careers.

Throughout these years songwriting continued as a natural way of expressing Paul’s view of life. So while not his occupation, singing/songwriting became part of a lifelong hope to someday record all of his music for his family.

In September 2012, Paul was told by his doctor that he had a terminal disease known as ALS, otherwise referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The following month he was inspired to begin recording his music.

Paul’s music is about finding our direction through the difficulties, distractions and barriers on life’s journey. Several musicians found out about Paul’s recording efforts and wanted to get involved. Paul said this project has kept his motivation going despite the decline of his health. While the past couple of years have been very difficult for him physically, Paul says “…more people than ever have visited me, helped me, and most importantly, prayed for me.”

Paul states “…my lyrics are special and my melodies inspired by the music of the 70s and my faith.”

Paul Orso

August 5, 1958 to July 23, 2015

Paul passed away on Thursday, July 23, 2015 surrounded by family and friends.

“I am full of gratitude to all the people who have taken the time to pray for us… give thanks to all the people in your life that have helped you.
And, may God continue to shine in your life.”


Watch KSDK News Story on Paul and his music.

Watch KSDK News Story on Paul and his music.

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Paul’s first album, Beyond Words, was released on April 27, 2014 Beyond Words

Paul worked with a recording studio along with several other music artists who have volunteered to bring life to the music previously played solely for his family. Three of the songs on his first album are spiritual: “Hear The Lonely Children” is a pro-life song; “He’s Always There” recounts his commitment to Jesus, and “Thank You” is a prayer for his family, friends and his wife.

Mirrors of My Life (released February, 2015)Paul’s second album, Mirrors of My Life, is complete and the CD and downloadable versions are now available on this website as well as iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. The title cut, Mirrors of My Life, is a poignant foreshadowing of Paul’s battle with ALS. The fourth song, I Paul Orso AlbumWasn’t There, may be an inspiration for those recovering from addictions. The Weekend is an upbeat song about the injustice of only two days to relax versus five days of hard work. This album also includes two love songs for his beautiful wife Kathy, I Wanna Love You Tenderly and You’re My Stronghold. The second to last cut, Wonders, is an encouraging song to those who notice unique miracles in nature. In the third verse of Wonders, dogs just seem to know what is going on and that is why Paul put a hound on the jewel case. Help One Another (release April, 2015)The third album, Help One Another, is in process and Paul expects to release it in April, 2015. Help One Another is dedicated to Paul’s family, caregivers, generous musicians and many others who have encouraged and challenged Paul. The CD includes two love songs, You, You Are and Your Love. The song Reach Out was his mom’s favorite for its melody and message. His mom is also the lion in the song Never Before, which is a call for courage in the pro-life battle. Paul is also including a remix of the song, So Little Time, inspired by the events of 9/11. Although Paul’s singing voice greatly diminished during the taping, he was able to sing eight of the eleven cuts and is grateful for the voices of Rob McDonnell on A Gift and Help One Another and Doug Carson on Thomson to complete the album.Future WorkPaul is also working on a project utilizing recording of his voice as a young musician that would be released at a later date.


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